Front Porch Views: a Podcast by Lauretta Hannon

Front Porch Views: a Podcast by Lauretta Hannon
True Southern stories. Some funny. Some heartbreaking. Some a bit of both. Short commentaries on everyday encounters turned extraordinary. Encouraging, uplifting stuff, mostly. Equal parts grit and grace.
Draw up a chair. Lean in. Listen close. 
Lauretta Hannon is a commentator for WRGA in Rome, Georgia. Her radio stories are compiled here in the Front Porch Views podcast. 


Episode 12: Inside the Women's Prison

Episode 11: Why JOY Should Be Our Watchword in 2022

Episode 10: It Was Still Christmas, Our Christmas

Episode 9: The Christmas Miracle at the Redneck Regatta

Episode 8: When the Scary Dude Lunged at Me

Episode 7: News Flash!

Episode 6: Not Your Usual Ghost Story

Episode 5: Mama and the Therapist

Episode 4: If I Were the Devil

Episode 3: The House of Waffles

Episode 2: A Cat Tale

Episode 1: Mama & The Chain Gang