The Christmas Miracle at the Redneck Regatta: My Hallmark Xmas Movie

Everyone knows about the incredibly formulaic Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, right? Well, WRGA Morning News Host Tony McIntosh asked me to describe the Hallmark movie I would make if given the opportunity. Of course, my mind went to dark and satiric places.

I was imagining a story line that combined elements from the Oxygen Channel’s “Snapped” show inserted in a picture-perfect small town at Christmas. Something like: the president of the Women’s Community Club chops up husband and buries him at their Christmas tree farm…or deranged housewife spikes the holiday punch with lethal amounts of antifreeze before fleeing to Hawaii with spouse’s best friend.

Realizing this would be too twisted for the radio program, I concocted a movie concept that still fits the requirements of the Hallmark formula while adding some serious redneck flair.

Hope you enjoy hearing it. This was recorded live on the WRGA Morning News show with Tony McIntosh.